Your Session

  1. Your session is a time for you to have fun. You never have to worry if you will get a good shot. Just relax and trust that you will be pleased with the results.
  2. We always understand that your time is of great value. Inna Kay Photography will make your experience as streamline and efficient as possible.
  3. We will send you a list of guidelines on how to look your best for the day of your shoot.
  4. We will come to your office with our mobile studio complete with our top photographic equipment.
  5. The sessions require very little set up time to get a professional result. In fact, the process can take place during your lunch break!
  6. Once the shoot is complete, we will work quickly on postproduction to retouch your images and enhance the overall image quality. The editing process includes retouching of blemishes, wrinkles and stray hairs, color balancing and cropping.
  7. When we are done, we will provide high resolution images for your website and print media. We will also optimize your head shots for the top social media sites. Everything will be ready for you to add to your profile and company pages without the need for resizing and cropping.
  8. We will make your images available through our online gallery. You can simply choose the images you like the best and download immediately from the web.
  9. Everything we do at Inna Kay Photography is designed to get you the professional quality images you need with quick turn around time, no stress and within budget. Our competitive rates offer a tremendous value for our customers. CALL US today at 646.543.5665 or send us an email to for more info or to schedule a photo shoot. We look forward to working with you.

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